With the advent of summer each year, we often find ourselves recalling fond memories of past family holidays.

Sifting through pictures brought us back to the ‘70s — polos and skirts donned in nearly every snapshot rekindled our admiration for the sport-style clothing made popular at the time by athletes and heritage brands.

Their re-establishment of court attire as closet staples influenced how we approached the season’s silhouettes, blending a sportier vibe with feminine ease — a la femme sport.

Tanks and tees to slips are trimmed in contrast tipping and shorts are cut longer and wider in the leg.

This idea of unexpected harmony continues throughout the collection, through a reinvention of everyday classics and the ways they’ve been styled.

There are polished cardigans with snaps and silky wrap skirts with D-rings. A sleeveless blazer pairs back to tailored shorts in lieu of trousers for a modern take on warm-weather suiting. The tension between timeless pieces in different proportions gives each new energy and attitude.

In our palette, neutrals share space with spirited hues — from sun creme to d'Anjou and jade sea, they’re our reminders to experiment and channel the carefree playfulness from those nostalgic summer moments in how we get dressed.