Peerless materials and meticulous craft lay the foundation for our women’s and men’s collections.

We source our yarns and fabrics from Italy, Japan and beyond to produce the highest quality cashmere, silk and leather that endure through wear and time. Saturation is heightened and softened until we reach the perfect color and details are refined down to the last stitch. Garments are created to be lived in – we spend time wearing every silhouette before they earn a place in our stores to ensure they not only look good but feel good, too.


We’ve produced our signature, ultra-soft cashmere with the same Mongolian and Chinese cashmere goats and within the same factory since our founding in 2002.

Sourcing only long fibers for the softest possible sweaters, more than 20 years of working with our cashmere factory has enabled us to customize every step of the process for the most luxurious and essential yarn width, weight, color, tension and finish.

Our design team gives meticulous consideration to every design detail: every seam is crafted with precision, every edge fully fashioned — the mark of an elevated sweater.


Our signature silk was chosen for its unrivaled luminosity and dream weight: a supple, fluid drape delivered in a featherweight feel. Crepe backing provides a hint of structure for a fit that follows but never clings to the body.

Our silk continues to elevate our most timeless blouses, bias-cut dresses and effortless skirts in an ever-changing spectrum of hues.


Our designers hand select our signature soft, buttery lambskin leather in Italy, France and Turkey for the fewest possible seams and a natural, semi-matte finish to ensure lasting quality. Every chosen piece gives a refined drape to our luxurious skirts and blazers, and supple structure to more sculptural trousers and blouses.

In quietly unexpected shades and classic neutrals, our leather is often lined in soft twill for calibrated comfort and always finished with color-matched hand-painted edges. The result: forever wardrobe staples that endure the test of time, trends and taste.

Pima Cotton

Pima is the softest and smoothest cotton due to the especially long cotton fibers that are used to craft it. We refine ours further by calibrating the ideal weight — light as possible for the most elegant finish with just enough weight for opaque coverage — in Peru, where we’ve produced our pima cotton for more than a decade.

Fewer, longer fibers also make pima cotton extra lustrous and durable, able to maintain color and material integrity through more washes to look as beautiful as it did the moment it was purchased.