“Getting dressed in the morning is a process of trial and error, of play, of unfound potential in garments I’ve had forever but hadn’t thought to pair together. What do I want to say to the world today? How do I want my body to feel? When I create an outfit, I also create a story.”

- Laura Rocha-Rueda,

New York-Based Writer & Fashion Journalist

Joan Didion once told the Paris Review that growing up she’d wanted to be an actor, and that when she became a writer, she discovered both professions were manifestations of the same impulse: to tell others’ stories, to briefly yet deeply become somebody else. Regardless of profession, many of us do this every day. Standing in front of our closets in the morning, we create a character, become another person, or show a specific version of ourselves to the world.

The beauty and ease of a considered wardrobe allows us to slip into various characters and project ourselves differently, with subtle nuances.

Feeling the fabric sliding against the skin we see ourselves transform in the mirror. We try on different shoes, climb on the couch to get the full picture of who we are today.

In the privacy of our wardrobes, we have a moment that is truly and uniquely our own.

Vince pieces seamlessly blend into each other, allowing us to experiment and reflect the personas of our inner worlds.

The choices we make in front of the mirror ensure we look like how we’re feeling inside. And this way we can stride forward confidently, towards our day.

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