The following terms govern your agreement with Vince, LLC relating to its use and reproduction of certain artwork (the “Artwork”) identified in your communications with Vince, LLC:


  • You are granting Vince permission to reproduce, use, display and create derivative works of the Artwork in exchange solely for the exposure that this artwork may receive from that use by Vince.


  • You represent and warrant that you have every right to use and authorize others to use, in any way, the Artwork and the likeness, image and/or name of any person appearing therein and agree that if this is not true, you will have to indemnify us against any issue or claim we encounter as a result of our use of the Artwork. You must notify us immediately in the event you discover any potential issue with your rights in and to the Artwork or its contents, including your rights to authorize others to use the same.


  • • This agreement is governed by New York law (without regard to its conflicts of laws rules) and any dispute arising in connection with this agreement or the Artwork must be submitted to the courts located in the borough of Manhattan in New York.